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Mozzo Prefabbricati

The MOZZO family has been working in the building industry for more than 40 years and holds a much-respected place in the prefabrication industry.

The work of the Mozzo Prefabbricati factory takes place at the factory south of Verona near Zevio. The factory covers an area of about 100,000 sq.m. of which more than 35,000 are indoors in a  building well equipped with modern and efficient plant.

The production capacity is about 40,000 cubic metres of structural concrete with daily peaks that may reach 250 cubic metres

All the structures manufactured in the MOZZO Prefabbricati factory meet the highest quality standards with daily tests carried out at the in-house materials laboratory as well as systematic crash tests using the company’s exclusive test bench. The whole of the production process is subject to meticulous daily checks to ensure the utmost reliability and long product life for its customers.